Fiscal Representation

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Fiscal Representation

What is Fiscal Representation?

If you are looking to register for VAT in some European countries then you might have to appoint a Fiscal Representative. If you are a non-EU business without an established premise in an EU country then this would apply.

The Fiscal company must be tax registered and willing to act as the local representative of the company, managing with queries and filing obligations of the company for dealings with the tax authorities. They will also be jointly and severely liable for VAT payments

The tax authorities regard a fiscal representative as the local agent of the foreign trader – which leads to several compliance obligations. Additionally, since the fiscal representative is jointly liable for the trader’s taxes, it is common to take a security deposit or bank guarantee to mitigate the liability of VAT due by the foreign company

Why do i need a Fiscal Representative?

A Fiscal Representative can be required for a number of activities such as VAT registration & Reporting, Import VAT Deferment and the new Import One Stop Shop scheme. Other common keywords describe a Fiscal Rep. as an intermediary or indirect representative when dealing with imports & exports into the European Union. There are a number of situations where a business would need to appoint a Fiscal Representative, if you find yourself in need of one, make sure to contact our team using the below form.

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