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Your Questions Answered

Do I need a VAT Number?

If you’re selling abroad the simple answer would be Yes. Many activities can trigger the need for a VAT registration. Some of the main activities include; Storage, Selling to Consumers, Importing, Supply & Installation.

How long does it take to get a VAT number?

The length of time to get a VAT number is very country specific, each with their own process and requirements. Appointing an agent can help speed up this process, saving both time and money.

Can I sell without a VAT number?

It is possible to sell without a VAT number but not advised. Reverse-charge rules may apply instead and you do have the ability to back-date your VAT registration in some countries however late registration penalties as well as late filing and VAT payment fines may apply.

When do I file a VAT return?

Each country or scheme has their own reporting deadlines. These can range from Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. If you are registered in multiple countries you will have multiple deadlines to meet for both reporting and paying VAT. That’s why VAT Digital are here to help and keep on top of your VAT compliance.

Do I need a Fiscal Representative to register?

Some EU countries require a Fiscal Representative to be appointed when a non-European business wishes to register for VAT and others don’t. Norway, Japan and UK businesses are usually exempt from this requirement due to trade agreements with the EU. If you are a non-EU company you typically cannot register directly with the tax office and must use a representative.

How do i pay my VAT?

The VAT owed for the filing period can be paid directly to the tax office details using a unique reference. Some authorities will require a direct debit to be set-up to avoid additional bank fees.

Businesses registered through a Fiscal Representative will have to pay VAT to their representative directly.

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