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Receive your own unique IOSS number validated with our registered EU intermediary and sell to the EU with no import VAT on packages under €150.


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The Import One Stop Shop requires you to charge destination VAT at the point of sale and submit the invoice with the package at customs

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File and

Submit your monthly sales and pay the collected VAT to the tax office where your intermediary is based to satisfy EU compliance in 27 countries.

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Our Import One Stop Shop intermediary services keeps your VAT compliance in check so you can focus on the profits

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Learn more about the Import One Stop Shop

Our FAQ answers the in-depth complicated questions you may have about the IOSS scheme

What is IOSS?

The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a simplified scheme by the European Union to lower VAT compliance for businesses. The IOSS scheme allows you to register in 1 EU country to be able to sell imported goods with an intrinsic value below €150 to all 27 EU states without requiring multiple VAT registrations as indicated by the rules prior to July 1st 2021.

Do I need an IOSS Intermediary?

An intermediary is responsible for the compliant filing and payment of the VAT collected through the IOSS scheme. A non-EU business is required to appoint a designated EU intermediary like VAT Digital to register for IOSS. An EU business can register directly with their tax office or appoint an intermediary optionally.

Do I need an IOSS number to sell on a marketplace?

If you exclusively sell on a marketplace then you will not require your own IOSS number and should use the marketplace’s IOSS number for qualifying sales. Should you sell on your own website and marketplaces then you will require your own IOSS number and the marketplaces IOSS number to report the sales correctly.

How often do returns have to be filed?

The IOSS return has to be filed every month for the previous month’s sales.

The deadline to file and pay the VAT taken is the last day of the month.

Is it mandatory to register for IOSS?

No, IOSS is a simplification scheme. You can still send goods to EU customer using other schemes but other VAT implication may arise and you should check with a VAT Digital specialist first. IOSS allows the smooth delivery of goods under €150 when selling to consumers in the EU

Can I reclaim VAT on IOSS?

VAT can be reclaimed on goods that have been originally reported on IOSS and then returned by the customer. You cannot reclaim input VAT for purchases in the EU or other charges, this should be done through a VAT registration or a special refund scheme.

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