VAT Rates

France, like many EU countries have set their own VAT rate and have a number of reduced rates on certain products. Find out using the table below if your products/services are charged at a reduced VAT rate or at the standard 20% rate in France.

The VAT rate for most goods and services is 20% in mainland France and Corsica, and 8.5% in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion. Specific rates apply in certain sectors. Check out our handy table for French VAT rates to find out the correct rate for your products/services:


Rate Type Goods/Services
20% Standard All other taxable goods and services
10% Reduced Some foodstuffs; certain non-alcoholic beverages; some pharmaceutical products; domestic passenger transport; intra-community and international road (some exceptions) and inland waterways transport; admission to some cultural services ;admission to amusement parks (with cultural aspect); pay/cable TV; some renovation and repairs of private dwellings; some cleaning in private households; some agricultural supplies; hotel accommodation; restaurants (excluding alcoholic beverages); some domestic waste collection; certain domestic care services; firewood; take away food; bars, cafes and nightclubs (except supply of alcoholic beverages); cut flowers and plants for decorative use; writers and composers etc; some social housing; some works of art, collectors items and antiques
5.5% Reduced Some foodstuffs; some non-alcoholic beverages; school canteens; water supplies, medical equipment for disabled persons; books (excluding those with pornographic or violent content); some e-books; admission to certain cultural events; some social housing; some renovation and repair of private dwellings; admission to sports events; some domestic care services; cut flowers and plants for food production; sanitary protection for women
2.1% Reduced Some pharmaceutical products; some newspapers and periodicals; public television licence fees; admission to certain cultural events; some livestock intended for use as foodstuff
0% Zero Intra-community and international transport (excluding road and inland waterways)

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