Register for Italian VAT Rates

Like most European countries, Italy also has reduced VAT rates on certain categories of products. Use the table below to determine whether you should be charging a lower VAT rate than the Standard 22%.


Rate Type Goods & Services
22% Standard All other taxable goods and services
 10% Reduced Some foodstuffs; water supplies; some pharmaceutical products; domestic passenger transport; admission to cultural events; some social housing; renovation and repair of private dwellings; some construction work on new buildings; some supplies of new buildings (non-luxurious); some agricultural supplies; hotel accommodation; restaurants; admission to certain sports events; energy products (excluding district heating); firewood; collection of domestic waste; some waste water treatment; alcoholic beverages in bars and cafes; take away food; cut flowers and plants for decorative use and food production
5% Reduced Some foodstuffs; some social services; certain passenger transport
4% Reduced Some food products; certain medical equipment for disabled persons; certain books; newspapers and some periodicals; e-books with an international standard book number (ISBN) ; online journals newspapers; TV licence; some social housing; some agricultural supplies; certain social services; motor vehicles for the disabled; construction work on new buildings (for first housing); supplies of new buildings (for first housing)
0% Zero Intra-community and international transport