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VAT Registration 

If you are selling goods in the United Kingdom it is likely you need to register for VAT and charge the correct VAT rate. Importing, Storing, purchases or selling goods in the UK are some of the reasons you may require a UK VAT number. 
We can help complete the registration and keep you VAT compliant providing translations for the complex registration documents required.

VAT Transfer

Unhappy with your current VAT agent/representative? Let us takeover and handle your VAT obligations. We offer a seamless VAT transfer service with no down-time. We’ll even cover and correct any unfiled VAT returns by your previous agent so you can continue selling without the worry or hassle of the tax authorities chasing you.

MTD Filing

When UK VAT registered businesses collect VAT on their sales they must report it on the UK VAT return once every quarter. It is mandatory in the UK that specialist software is used to submit this data to HMRC and pay the correct VAT. As a foreign company it is likely you do not have the compliant software and that’s where we can help.

VAT refunds

Selling internationally can be very profitable but also increase the burden of expenditure for businesses. VAT expenses on goods, services and other operations outside of your home country can be difficult to recover due to the lack of registration or non-compliance.

VAT Digitals specialist team can help identify where VAT can be recovered and process a reclaim to ensure your business is maximizing its profits.

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