VAT Reclaim by the Eighth Directive

VAT Reclaim by the Eighth Directive

For companies established within the EU the use of Directive 2008/9/EC, or the Eighth Directive, follows a standardised procedure across all EU countries to allow them to claim VAT back from other member states where VAT has been paid but they are not VAT registered....

VAT Reclaim by the Thirteenth Directive

VAT Reclaim by the Thirteenth Directive

The use of the EU Directive 86/560/EEC, commonly referred to as the thirteenth directive, allows for companies based outside of the EU that are not registered for VAT in a certain EU country, to be able to recover VAT paid. In order to qualify to reclaim thorough the...

EU VAT – The Triangulation Simplification

What is Triangulation: By using the simplification method of triangulation, it eases the transaction of sending goods between three companies based in three member states. The transaction consists of two layers; the invoice flow, and flow of goods. The invoice flow...

Annual German VAT Return Extensions

Following on from Covid-19, the German Tax Office have extended the due dates for Annual Returns due between 2020 and 2025. These dates vary depending if the company is Tax Advised. Previously, the annual return would be due by 31st July of the following year, however...

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