Does My Business Need an EORI Number?

Sep 8, 2022 | Brexit, EU VAT

What is An EORI Number?

An EORI Number, Economic Operators Registration and Identification number, is an identification number used in all customs procedures, giving a common type of identification number across the EU used to exchange information with Customs Authorities.

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, UK EORI numbers are no longer valid when importing/exporting between the UK and an EU country. Therefore, two types of EORI number may be required.

Who Needs An EORI Number?

You can apply the number as an individual rather than a registered business company.

The EORI number makes for a more efficient procedure, as well as aiding the security process. They are required for all transactions going through EU customs, whether the business dispatching goods is established within the EU or not.

If an EORI number is not provided at customs, the shipment may be held until they are provided with one.

How Do I Get An EORI Number?

You can check if you are already registered for an EU EORI Number through the European Commission EORI Number Validation website.

If an EORI Number is required, VAT Digital can aid with this process, for a one-time fee, which is issued within 24 business hours.

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