IOSS Validation Issues at EU Customs

May 21, 2024 | IOSS

Avalara stop Amazon VAT services

Since it’s release on 1st July 2021 the EU Import One Stop Shop has not been without it’s issues. IOSS was released as a simplification scheme to help businesses sell to the EU much easier from non-European countries by charging destination VAT on distance sales of goods valued below a 150 EUR threshold.

Since the start of May 2025 many e-commerce businesses with an IOSS number have flagged up a number of issues at customs where parcels are being rejected due to a validation error on their IOSS numbers despite tax authorities confirming the numbers are in fact active and valid it seems to be an EU wide issue with the internal customs system. This has led to many issues leaving customers without parcels or having to pay VAT on import.

Critical Irish IOSS Number issue

It has been reported and confirmed by multiple intermediaries in Ireland that none of the Irish IOSS numbers are currently working and failing validation at the border as VAT Digital are  registered intermediary in France we are not affected by these issues.

IOSS Validation Issues at EU Customs

Although there may be issues with all Irish IOSS numbers the other countries are also experiencing some issues although not as regular causing delays to parcels and the potential of the customer paying VAT upon delivery or being returned to sender.

Temporary Solutions

At present there is no fix for the issues to the Import One Stop Shop validation from the official sources but they are working to resolve the issue causing huge disruption to business. Below we list some potential solutions for businesses how they can resolve the issued in the short term although they are not ideal.

  • Send the parcels DAP allowing the customer to pay the VAT and Duties and re-imburse them the VAT that was paid on checkout
  • If you have VAT registration in the EU then you can use these to clear customs and report the VAT instead
  • Ask the carrier to re-try the IOSS number as some numbers are showing valid after 3-4 attempts


Do not give your IOSS number our to customers as you open your business up to potential fraud. Ensure your customers are well informed of the issue which is EU-wide and an internal customs issue. Offer to ship the parcels via alternative means keeping compliant with your VAT obligations.

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