HMRC Changes for VAT Registrations

Oct 26, 2023 | United Kingdom

Currently when a company wishes to register for UK VAT through HMRC, they have the option to register online through the government website, or to complete a VAT1 form and post this to HMRC. From mid-November 2023, HMRC are going to remove the option to complete the paper form, leaving only the online application available to the majority of businesses.

There will be a small number of businesses who are ‘exempt from applying online’, in order to obtain a paper form to be able to register they will have to contact the VAT helpline who will be able to post a form out to them. Although they will not have to apply for an exemption to applying online, they will have to show why they cannot carry out this process. This includes; businesses joining the agricultural flat rate scheme, entities without a UTR and some overseas partnerships, although this list is not conclusive.

By implementing the need to use online registrations, HMRC hope this will speed up the processing time of applications as well as streamlining the methods of contact between themselves and businesses.

We can make the process easier for you, by handing your VAT registration process and filings. Please contact us for more information – however, if you have already commenced an application, or have a query regarding your current VAT registration, please contact HMRC directly on  0300 200 3700.

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